The Curriculum is based on CBSE directives and NCERT course

Library :

Our library is stocked with over 5000+ books that include textbook references, leading books like fiction, non-fiction, biographies, science fictions, encyclopedias, dictionaries and text-books. In addition ,our students and staff members also have access to a variety of magazines, newspaapers and journals subscribed by the school. Our library is managed by a qualified, trained and experienced Librarian who apart from maintaining decorum of the library, also provides his/her valuable advice when it comes to picking up books.

Rules Of Library :

the school has a good library and reading room, student should make best use of the same. The following rules should be followed.

  1. Student will be issued one book at a time for one week only. The book should be returned on the due date otherwise fine will be charge.
  2. Marking, underlining or damaging of library books or reading room material is absolutely forbidden.
  3. Student shall on no account pass library - books to others.
  4. Reference books and current magazines will not be issued to any student. These can be read only in a reading room.
  5. Loss of books, magazine has to be replaced by the borrower.
  6. All library books should be returned 15 days before the annual examination
  7. Student shall observe strict silence in reading room and library.

Note: Student who are guilty of causing any damage to the school property will have to make good of the loss, otherwise whole class will be fined to compensate the loss.