LPS School, why LPS,
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Why LPS : Learners ! hail to thee.....


Excellence for All, Excellence from All


Lucknow Public Schools & Colleges is one of the premier institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It hails students from all backgrounds, states and educational systems. Talent is nurtured and honed up here. Formative years are taken much seriously, and a strong foundation is made by vigilant teachers and mentors. It’s just a wonderful community of learners. Learners are harnessed with strong English communicative skills, mathematical exactitude, scientific temper, musical, artistic expressions, aesthetics, competitiveness, holistic development with world class grooming. The application for admission can be accessed here.


Its track record has been fairly unique. Currently, its 11 campuses are teaching 28000 learners from preprimary to degree level. Hundred percent knowledge sharing with hundred percent results is its prime concern.